Crate URL Shortner

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Work: UX, Visual Design and Front-end development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

Project: Crate & Barrel is an international home decor retailer, based in Northbrook, IL, specializing in housewares, contemporary furniture and Gift Registry services.

Situation: As a Marketer, Crate and Barrel needs a way to create shortened URLs for each brand that is easy to enter, remember, share with customers, know how often and by whom shortened URLs are used. As a Retailer, Crate and Barrel needs a way to create QR codes of shortened order lookup URLs programmatically, to include on packing slips so customers can easily check the status of any remaining undelivered items in their orders.

Task: Users need URL and QR codes need to be easily generated, each brand identifiable, limited number of steps with instructions

Result: Collaborating with the development team, we created a simple, logical, and comprehensive tool that is customized for the Crate and Barrel brands to create shorter URL code that can be shared along with the marketing team and ability to generate a QR code for packing slips.