City of Evanston Website Redesign

User Needs.
Business Goals.
Engaging Solutions.

Work: UX and Art Direction, a templated hosted application platform site

Situation: City of Evanston's site was outdated, difficult to search for topics and for city staff to create and update government content web pages.

Task: Determine primary site users, either city staff or city residents. Have the search area more prominent with a robust events date area, have pages comply with accessibility standards. Assist in the navigation structure and create a hierarchial page structure for staff member to have the ability to create department pages.

Result: Collaborate with an outside contractor specializing in city government hosted application platform packaged sites so city staff members can create and edit their own pages. I proposed layout styles, color, visual design, and user flow for city resident's information needs. home page: before and after
City of Evanston website